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Venezuelans Displace Dominican Sex Workers

Venezuelans Displace Dominican Sex Workers


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – Dominican sex workers are concerned by the increasing arrival of South American women, particularlly Venezuelan women, dedicated to prostitution to the Dominican Republic. They complain that the Venezuelans sell their body at a lower price than the price quoted in the local market.

Jacqueline Montero, the president of the United Women’s Movement (MODEMU ), said she has received complaints from affiliates working in the vicinity of the Santo Domingo Malecon. Venezuelans charge up to RD $2,500 to RD $3,000 less than what the Dominicans charge their  customers.

“The Venezuelans are very elegant women. They have come to invade the market. We will not detract from their merits. They came with their own hair. Not like us who bought it. They come with their lipo already done. In addition, They came prepared and are very beautiful and above all, they come with a lower cost, “explained Montero.

Therefore, she calls on the foreigners[Venezuelans] not to harm the business and to place themselves at the same price level for sexual services as the Dominicans. “I think the merchandise does not have to be so cheap. Everything has gone up, even lemisol and Cuaba soap, “Montero said with a laugh.

Dominican customers say Venezuelans are more beautiful, cultured and less demanding

Men who have used the sexual services of Venezuelan sex workers, say that foreign women, besides being very elegant, are usually more educated and less demanding than the Dominican women.

“They look better, are more educated. They don’t ask for tips and don’t demand other things,” said a gentleman who asked not to reveal his identity.

Finally, he also indicated that in the eastern tourist areas (Bavaro/Punta Cana) there are intermediaries, who even take them to hotels for a price well below what the Dominicans charge.

From: El Veedor Digital

My Two Cents

No doubt, Dominican sex workers need to wake up and face the reality of competition and supply and demand. It seems Dominicans want Venezuelans to lower their standards to local levels. But, shouldn’t it be the other way around and Dominicans raising theirs?

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