Client Etiquette

In order to make your escort experience comfortable for both you and your companion, we offer a few client etiquette tips and recommendations to provide our clients some guidance to ensure your experience Dominican escort is a memorable one.

Choosing your escort
All the escorts we represent are featured on our website. If you require assistance, please free to contact us, either by email or phone. If you have any special requests with regard to clothing or make-up, we will forward them to your companion, and she will dress accordingly. On the booking form, you will find a text field to state your preferences.

Preparing yourself for the date
Every woman likes her date to be freshly showered, cleanly shaven and nicely dressed – just like you would expect from your date. Our escorts make an effort to look their absolute best when they come to visit you, and they appreciate the same care in return.

The financial arrangements are always taken care of within the first 10 minutes of your date, so that afterwards you can just relax and enjoy yourself. When paying, please have the money ready in an unsealed envelope, and give your courtesan a moment to quickly count it.

Would you rather not be bothered with financial matters during your date? Then you could consider using our prepayment option via bank transfer, credit card or western Union.

Once the financial part has been taken care of, your escort will give us a quick call to let us know that she has arrived safely.

Naturally, you can rely on your companion’s discretion and she relies on yours. Don’t kiss & tell: sharing your previous experiences, or expecting your courtesan to share hers, will make her uncomfortable. Also, it could very well be that she either resides or has friends and/or family in the same city you will be meeting her. Public displays of affection such as kissing and holding hands are therefore usually not permitted, and we count on your understanding regarding this matter. We can assure you that she will make up for this once you are back in your hotel room.

There might be private subjects you would rather not talk about with your companion, and naturally she will respect this. Please take into account that there might also be private matters she doesn’t want to discuss. In addition: your coompanion has decided to be represented by an agency. Please respect this and refrain from asking her to meet you without the mediation of Preciosura.

A tip to show your appreciation is considered a thoughtful gesture, and is always appreciated – but never expected.

Be a gentleman
“Treat others like you want them to treat you” is the golden rule every gentleman should follow (and every person, for that matter). Be courteous and attentive: take her coat when she enters, offer her a drink, maintain eye contact when you speak and show an interest. Know that every companion will shine in the company of a true gentleman.


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