New Client Registration Form

We would love to work with you and you company! Complete and submit the form below to access our gallery of Latina glamour and erotic models.

Completing and submitting the registration form signifies that you agree to the following terms and conditions.

– The Agency fee is 20%.

– The agency commission is due on the last day of the shooting.

– All payments to the models are to be made in cash.

– Models have to be paid in cash daily as the work is completed.

– Cancellations by the Producer will result in the Producer being liable for a cancellation fee equal to the all costs related to the booking and these costs are payable to the agency.

– The Producer must respect all agreements made with the Agency regarding the activity type and amount of model’s.

– Any extensions or changes to the quantity of the model’s work must be arranged with the Agency in advance.

– The Producer may not have direct contact with or make direct agreements with the booked models. All contact is to be through the Agency.

– Violations of any of these terms will result in the Producer being blacklisted and future cooperation will be terminated.

– The Agency is not responsible if the model is unavailable due to sickness or failed medical tests. Full medical documentation will be provided.

– Models are available to travel abroad. However, full and verifiable flight, visa(s), hotel accommodation details must be presented to the Agency within 7 (seven) days before departure.

– The Producer is obligated to ensure that the model’s work is in accordance with all local laws and regulations while abroad.

–  The Producer is responsible for models’ security, healthcare, accommodation, acceptable working condition and if required legal representation while under your supervision.

 – The Producer must request ID documents, medical tests and any other necessary documentation before production. Failure to do so, may jeopardize your production.


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