Club Chica

Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions

Please read all our terms and conditions. They govern your use of the services offered by our site. These terms are important. Carefully read them before you use our services. By using our services you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

If your booking is not within the next 24 hrs you can complete your booking through our website. We are extremely discreet. No unsolicited contact will be made after your booking. We only use your details to confirm your booking and the coordinate the date.

Our rates are based on USD. Travel costs are not included. Our terms are payment in full at the beginning (within the first 10 minutes) of the meeting with thechica(s) of your choice. Club Chica organizes out-call dates only.

Travel costs are NOT included in our rates. Kindly allow a flat fee of $20 if your chosen chica lives in the city where your meeting is to take place. The travel cost for travel outside of her location is based on public transportation and taxi rates.

Payment methods

  • CASH: USD preferred. DOP and EUR based on daily exchange rates.
  • BANK TRANSFER: SWIFT international order to our bank account. Our bank details will be transmitted by email.
  • CREDIT CARDS: All major credit card are accepted. They are processed through an online processor.

Payments to the Chica

Cash payments are to be made within the first 10 minutes of the companion’s arrival. Please do not be offended if your chosen companion counts your payment. This is company policy and any discrepancies can be dealt with immediately. We understand mistakes can occur, and would like to minimize any embarrassment for all parties at this early stage. We accept DOP, EUR, GBP and USD. Please ask for our conversion rate.


For all dates we request $55 down payment in order to confirm the reservation. This down payment includes a 10% processing fee. The down payment is deducted from the total of the booking. Balance has to be given in cash to the model within the first 10 minutes upon her arrival.

In case of cancellation by the model due to unforeseeable circumstances (sickness, accident, etc), your down payment will be 100% reimbursed in the manner in which it was received.

In case of cancellation by you 24 hours before the meeting your down payment will be forfeited. Cancellation 48 hours before meeting your down payment will be fully refunded.

Cancellations after the chica’s arrival

If upon her arrival the chica is clearly not suitable for you, you have the right to cancel the date within the first 10 minutes by calling the agency or by asking the model to call the agency in your presence. For such cases, we will ask you to cover only the effective travel costs plus $25 for bookings after 6 pm. In the date is in her city, we ask that you give her $50 in compensation for travel costs.

Should the model wish to cancel the date for whatever reason she is entirely free to do so, but she must inform the agency immediately in your presence. In such cases, you are not obligated to pay anything to your companion and your down payment will be fully refunded.

Direct contact with the chica

Prior contact over the phone with a model is not possible. Of course, we will pass your requirements on to the girl you are about to see. Please remember they choose us to represent them in order to avoid private contact prior to and after the date.

The chica’s well-being

Inciting the model in the consumption of illegal substances or too much alcohol is strictly forbidden. We would remind you that for the duration of her contracted services the model is fully under your protection and care.

Filming and photography

Filming or the taking of photographs of the model is strictly forbidden, unless otherwise agreed upon with the agency on the chica’s behalf.

Updated 30th August, 2020